London Minibus Hire with driver

Minibus with driver include 8 seater minibus 10 seater minibus 12 seater minibus  14 seater minibus  16 seaterminibus 24 seater minibus and operate a London coach hire service  .

Planning for a tour of the city with family or friends? Or planning to welcome a party of guests or dignitaries or even to transport your small group to the airport? We are here to take care of all your group transportation problems. We offer the best minibus rentals and service to solve all your problems of surface transportation. We transport you to and from the airports; take care of your family gathering, picnics or other transportation needs. We also offer our services and minibus rentals to educational institutions, sports teams, religious and other institutions. We also offer our services for corporate transportation needs also.

We make your group outings, special events or family vacations special, and with our services we make them an affair to remember. We love to treat you like the way we love to be treated, and that has been the signature style and statement of our services.

The minibuses that we offer at our minibus rentals are maintained in the best of conditions. They are sparkling clean from the exteriors as well as the interiors. We also have a dedicated team at quality assurance, who makes sure that the buses are with sparkling clean and fresh interiors before they are dispatched. They also check all the other aspects for a comfortable journey on board our minibuses. We have a team of in-house experts who are highly professional and experienced, and check buses once they are back from any travel, and maintain the buses in their peak of health. The climate control and entertainment systems are regularly checked for utmost comfort. The seats are plush and comfortable, with lot of leg space, and shoulder space for you to sit comfortable. They also can be reclined for ease and comfortable sitting. We also have charging ports individual reading lights for each seat. We also pest control them regularly.

We are not only committed to your complete satisfaction on board our mini buses, we also are committed to excellence and punctuality. We always make sure that we reach on time, and we help you reach on time too. Our very experienced drivers are extremely well trained and helpful. They are highly professional and have impeccable safety records. They are one of the best in the industry. They also know the city and its surroundings like no other. This also makes them the best possible guide of the city and its surroundings. They can suggest you the best places to shop, and dine. They also know the roads like extremely well, and always have a plan-B for every situation. That is why we have a cent percent punctuality record.

We are not only committed to your safety and comfort, we are also committed to your timely arrival and departure. All our buses are equipped with GPS and other communication devices to monitor you on road. We also have all mandatory safety devices and board. We also have all our buses and drivers registered and licensed with the respective authorities. We also have them insured and bonded as an extra layer of safety.

We are the best minibus rentals in the city and its adjoining areas, and best option for transportation of groups. We also have exciting deals and offers for corporate and other institution. We also have excellent packages for families and individual clients.



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